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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Benko Gambit (2), SWOT analysis

Today’s blog entry is from an online turn-based ladder game. Black plays the Benko Gambit to counter White’s Queen Gambit. The game follows standard themes. White makes a major mistake on move #14, which Black overlooked while concentrating on his own position. (Note to self: I need to see these opportunities). Later on, Black also blocked the escape path of his Knight, which I did see. An unfortunate blunder ended the game.

 The variations and move symbols are Houdini’s (1.5 w32), diagnosed with ‘Scid vs PC’ at 10 seconds per ply. The opening book reference is Stockfish. The verbal comments are my thoughts during the game and my interpretations of the analysis provided by Houdini. The score chart is at the bottom of this entry.

The lesson of this game is to look not only at what the opponent threatens, but also at what opportunities he presents. SWOT analysis is a business strategic planning method used to evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. I will try adopting this idea to my chess thinking method:
     - when my opponent moves, look for new Threats and Opportunities
     - then look at my Strengths and Weaknesses
     - after selecting the best move, blunder check

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