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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Last Blog Entry?

After years of study and two years of blogging about my chess activities, I am forced to recognize that my chess skills are not improving.  If anything they are declining.

Thus I will be taking a break from all chess activity.  Maybe this will result in a renewed interest and motivation.  At this time, I simply don’t know.

I will be 70 this fall.  Maybe you cannot teach old dogs new tricks.

Thanks to all my loyal readers and in particular those readers who took the time and effort to comment on my entries.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colle Koltanowski, center push and K-side attack

Today’s blog entry is an online game. I am expanding my opening repetroire and wanted something that would not require too much study time. The Colle seems to fit the bill. I have been practicing with the Colle, both online and with my daily chess studies. This game is an example of the potential power of the Colle.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Queen’s Indian Defense, practice game

Today’s blog entry is from my daily practice regimen. Black is the Phalanx chess engine set to play at 1300. At this level, Black plays tactically, but does not make elementary blunders (like leaving a piece en prise). The disconcerting part of playing this opponent is that Black moves within seconds. This triggers an impulse to reply at the same speed.

The practice games permit work on my thought process, tactical play and opening repertoire. My intent is to solidify my game and gradually increase Phalanx’s ELO. Black’s 2nd move in today’s game was not a line that I had previously studied, so it presented an opportunity to research and chose an offense compatible with my other White lines.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pirc Defense (2), sojourn for now

Today’s blog entry is from this week’s club tournament. With a low turnout, I was paired against another club regular who is known for solid play. He opened with e4 and I responded with the moves which normally transpose into my trusty Philidor. We jockeyed for position for 16 moves, him on the k-side and me in the center.

The game became tactical with an attack against my castled position. He left a weakness in the center, but I did not see it as I was concentrating on the area of the board surrounding my King. After exchanging pieces, the position was almost even. I offered and he accepted a draw instead of continuing the fight.

This game highlights what I have perceived over the last year or so. My game is deteriorating in many areas. It has become obvious that my game cannot be fixed over-the-board, so I intend to take a break from rated play and concentrate on improving my game. Future game posts will likely be from online and practice games.