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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stafford Gambit (6), when not to play a gambit

Today’s blog entry is from Thursday night’s tournament at our local chess club. My opponent was a higher-rated player who is renown for his tactical ability ... precisely the type of player who should not be presented with a gambit. However, I thought that he may not have seen the Stafford Gambit before, but as I found out later, he had suffered a recent loss against it in an online game. Therefore, he was extra careful with each tactical situation presented to him.

The variations and move symbols are Houdini’s (1.5 w32), diagnosed with ‘Scid vs PC’ at 10 seconds per ply. The opening book reference is Stockfish. The verbal comments are my thoughts during the game and my interpretations of the analysis provided by Houdini. The score chart is at the bottom of this entry.

Never play a gambit against a tactical wizard, especially a black gambit.

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  1. Ralph, I also wrote about the game and the opening. http://mongoosepress.com/Times/?p=542