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Friday, July 27, 2012

Alapin-Diemer Gambit declined, initial trial

Today’s blog entry is from is from an online, turned-based game. I have always been a little frustrated when, trying to play the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, Black responds with the French Defense. This game tries a little-used gambit to steer the game back to the BDG lines. Although Black still avoids the BDG, he is brought out of the French normal lines and quickly gets into trouble.

The variations and move symbols are Houdini’s (1.5 w32), diagnosed with ‘Scid vs PC’ at 10 seconds per ply. The opening book reference is Stockfish. The verbal comments are my thoughts during the game and my interpretations of the analysis provided by Houdini. The score chart is at the bottom of this entry.

This game features a weakened color complex on the King-side plus a preponderance of pieces pointed at the opposing King-side.

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  1. Nice game! I will return to the refreshing crazieness of the BDG someday.

    Have you seen this one: http://www.vasa.abo.fi/svf/up/chessbook.htm