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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sicilian Defense, against my 1.f4

Today’s game is an online turn-based game. Black plays the Sicilian/Grand Prix Attack against my f4. 1...c5 allows me to establish an early d4/c4 duo. Black moves both e6 and g6 creating a weak dark-squared color complex on the King-side. The fireworks start soon after, before either side is fully developed. A 20-move win for White.

This week will be busy. Thursday night is the first round of the chess club’s annual championship tournament; played at G75 with a 30 sec. increment and using accelerated pairings. Saturday is the initial tournament of the Lowry Grand Prix, a 3-round G65/3, the first of six tournaments being rotated between Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA.

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