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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Richter-Veresov Attack, missed opportunities

Today's game is from a turn-based site. It features missed opportunities which showed up in Houdini's analysis. The first one is complex and at my current level, I would not expect to find in during a game. The second one I should have seen, as it is very elementary.

But it is the third one that is the reason for this post. On move #47, Black has an opportunity to turn a draw into a win. I missed it during the game, but it seems a good candidate for a follow-up with a Winning the Won Game post. Here is the game:

I tried to put the follow-up as a comment, but could not get the game to show in a comment. The FEN for move #47 is:
8/8/8/5R1p/7k/5p1P/1PP3r1/2K5 b - - 1 47

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