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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Primer of Chess

This endgame position is from J.R. Capablanca's A Primer of Chess. The endgame was played against Shredder11 at full strength and with 10 seconds/move for the chess engine. The comments are paraphrased from the book's solution steps. Being on the h-file makes it more complex than other 2-pawns vs. 1-pawn endgames. For those who wish to try it for themselves: [FEN "8/6p1/7p/8/4k3/8/6KP/8 w - -"]

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  1. Nice! Kinda feel that this working towards g3 is a little bit following my rule that I mentioned in my post 'Must know endgame (part two)'. Here one has to calculate a bit more to get the king on the right square since in my post it was two pawns versus king while here the king has still a pawn.

  2. Yes, first learn the basic endgame techniques. Then apply them in a more complex situation.

    I am surprised by players who do not like endgame study. I really enjoy endgames. Which is why I often write/say "People who do not believe in magic have not seen enough chess endgames."

  3. Hi Ralph - just stopping by to say hi. I just discovered your blog via Prodigal Pawn. I've added you to my list so I can keep tabs on your updates. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Take care,