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Monday, January 30, 2012

Endgame Training 6, an important technique

Another Rook and Pawn endgame from my daily practice on ChessTempo.com. These are endgames which gave me trouble during the practice. I broke them down into steps to help remember them and post them to share with my fellow chess players. The solution is the shortest as verified by the endgame database. Comments are my own.

The important technique that I wanted to share, which was a total surprise to me when I first learned it, is the ability of the white Pawn to Queen when it is attacked more than it is defended (move #10 below).

For those who wish to try this endgame training exercise, just copy and paste the following EPD into your favorite chess program:
8/R7/KP1k4/8/8/8/r7/8 w - -

My daily regimen now consists of 25 tactical problems, 5 endgame problems, 1 master game replay, 1 game against either human or computer & study of my current favorite chess book. This usually takes 2 hours/day. The important thing is to keep the regimen interesting, otherwise it is too tempting to skip portions.

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