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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Philidor Defense (6), losing the advantage

Today’s blog entry is from an online tournament game. I’m refining my new Philidor Defense. White loses a tempo early and makes other minor errors. One of the problems with turn-based games is that a player loses the continuity of the game, thus the blunder on move #18. After this blunder, I continued to fight, regaining lost ground until the lure of a check lead me to the loss of my Queen, overlooking White’s Queen sacrifice and game-winning advantage.

 The variations and move symbols are Houdini’s (1.5 w32), diagnosed with ‘Scid vs PC’ at 10 seconds per ply. The verbal comments are my thoughts during the game and my interpretations of the analysis provided by Houdini. The score chart is at the bottom of this entry.

Look at your opponent’s move and its effect on his position, both the square moved from and the square moved to. This is where tactics originate.

I need to make an addition to my SWOT move selection process to cover an omission. Black's second move in the game snippet below would not have been seen by examining the opponent's move. The additional logic is:
     Are tactical or positional plans active? If so, continue/modify/abort the plan and consolidate the position.

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