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Friday, October 5, 2012

Philidor Defense (4), a Class A opponent

Today’s blog entry is from Thursday’s tournament game at my chess club. I was paired against the club’s young lion, rated almost 500 points higher than me. Since I recently adopted the Philidor Defense, I was anxious to see how it would fare against a quality opponent. It held up through the opening moves, but I quickly succumbed when the middlegame arrived.

 The variations and move symbols are Houdini’s (1.5 w32), diagnosed with ‘Scid vs PC’ at 10 seconds per ply. The verbal comments are my thoughts during the game and my interpretations of the analysis provided by Houdini. The score chart is at the bottom of this entry.

I believe part of my problem is not playing enough OTB games. Online turn-based games do not adequately simulate the OTB experience. So, I will be re-installing ChessMaster to get more frequent opponents.

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