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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Endgame Training 8, Knight & Pawn vs. Pawn

A Knight and Pawn endgame from my daily practice on ChessTempo.com. These are endgames which gave me trouble during the practice. I broke them down into steps to help remember them and post them to share with my fellow chess players. The solution is the shortest as verified by the endgame database. Comments are my own.

For those who wish to try this endgame training exercise, just copy and paste the following EPD into your favorite chess program:
6n1/7p/8/4K3/2k4P/8/8/8 b - -


  1. Hey Ralph you have a nice blog here. I just recently started a blog of my own where I play/annotate a game a week on ICC. Do you have an account there/maybe want to play a slow game sometime? Also, how did you get your ChessFlash board so much larger than mine?

    1. Tim,

      Welcome aboard.

      No, I do not play on ICC. Sorry.

      As for the size of the ChessFlash board, the secret is in adjustment of the blog width. I played with it until I got the display size I wanted. Took a few attempts.

      I added your blog URL to 'My Blog List' which I use to see who has posted lately and provides a quick link to that blog.

      Thanks for dropping by,