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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Queen's Gambit Declined

This recent change of chess partners in my daily practice games was suggested by a blog comment. I was getting spoiled by waiting for Fritz Sparring mode to make its obligatory mistake, then getting sloppy in the remainder of the game. So I am alternating between Fritz 12 Sparring & Friend. This is my second Friend game.

Lesson learned: If a plan is not apparent, then take the time to try to find one before giving in to the easy end.

Tommyg of The Prodigal pawn (http://prodigalpawn.blogspot.com/) had a nice review of the free program Scid vs. PC. It has several nice features, including a shootout function. Scid vs. PC suggested the continuation in today's game as part of its game analysis. I find I am using the program for many of my chess activities.

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  1. Nigel Davies has an interesting blog entry in The Chess Improver (http://chessimprover.com/?p=2392) where he discusses long, multiple variations in chess books.

    This echoes my sentiments. I try to preview books before purchase and when there is more variations than prose, it is a disqualifier. If I want variations/analysis, I can load the position into my chess engine.

    I also prefer books that state a principle, then illustrate that principle and EXPLAINS the what and why of the principle. Not books that state a principle, then show an example and leaves the reader to try to figure out all the nuances of the principle.