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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paleface Attack (3), analysis depth?

Today's game is shown, not for any technical worth, but because it brought to light something I found interesting. I have been analyzing games with Houdini using 15 seconds per ply.

Looking at move #11, a missed winning move, I found that even with Houdini pointing out the Rxf6 winning variation I could not see the board with enough depth to know it was winning.

Move #12's winning variation showed up at 10 seconds per ply. With this variation I could barely see the merits on the board.

This was instructional for me. If I cannot see the merits of a move within a few minutes of static analysis, I certainly would not see it or similar moves during the heat of a game. So, for future games, my analysis depth will be 10 seconds per ply, saving time and useless effort.

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